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Sparkling Wine

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  • Lowe 'Bobby Lowe' Sparkling Merlot {Part 1}
    AUD$30.00 2013 Lowe 'Bobby Lowe' Organic Sparkling Shiraz Cabernet
    The Lowe family history holds a number of colourful characters. Robert ‘Bobby’ Lowe was David’s Great Great Grandfather. Much like David, Bobby was a community minded man. When, in 1863, he and his...
  • 2017 Lowe 'Jodie Wilbertree' Sparkling Rosé
    AUD$22.00 2017 Lowe 'Jodie Wilbertree' Sparkling Rosé
    A definite hit for everybody last year so I would be an idiot to try and change it. However every year is different and it's impossible to completely replicate. Colour: The colour is the same in density - salmon pink,...