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2017 Lowe 'Jodie Wilbertree' Sparkling Rosé


Product Description

A definite hit for everybody last year so I would be an idiot to try and change it.

However every year is different and it's impossible to completely replicate.

Colour: The colour is the same in density - salmon pink, looking very fresh, blushing I think is the term?

Aroma: I smell a bit of apples as though it had some cider in there but it's also slightly, ever so slightly lemony. The mousse is pretty good for a charmat (tank fermented) style sustained and smallish bubbles (petillant).

Palate: Technically is very similar to last year, a little less alcohol, less residual sugar and slightly less acidity. But that’s all part of the matrix, it’s the taste that matters.

Cellar: You need to consume this within 12 months as the colour will change. Serve it cold, anytime of day, its ideal is canapes and celebrations and anything that is good cheer or needs good cheer. It's an upper for everyone at the cellar door.

Awards & Reviews:

"90/100  Slight dusky pink with a shimmer. Balances a hint of musk with some fruit. A moderate petillence, manifesting itself latterly as a minerally bent. Its that sensation that lends the wine an additional kick, moving the wine on a degree. There's a bit of crunch through the middle and some balancing apple and strawberry, yet not sweet. Good length, driving and subtle." The Vinsomniac, Oct 2017

"This fresh and lively sparkling rose is made from an interesting blend of predominantly Semillon and a dash of Petit Verdot. It is a quirky, refreshing sparkling which offers a fine mousse, crisp midpalate savouriness and some lingering residual sweetness. It is an ideal aperitif wine well suited to the coming summer season. Beautifully matched with smoked salmon blinis." The Grape Hunter, Gilbert Labour, Oct 2017

"It’s pretty lively when you pour it, smell and taste it.  Plenty of fizz but it settles in very nicely after it tickles your nose hairs.  Then it spritzes all over your palate, deliberately too I reckon.  It’s crunchy apple, it’s mellow strawberry, it’s crisp acidity and full on refreshing.  This is your summertime ‘stinking hot weather’ salvation.  Please do not let my glass become empty." Words from a Wineglass, Oct 2017