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2016 Lowe 'Headstone' Rosé


Product Description

Variety: Grenache 

Region: Mudgee (500m), NSW Central Highlands

David Lowe’s Notes

This wine is subtle, understated, and lowish in alcohol (one of my recurring themes).

This whole rosé explosion gets more manic. Really loving the style although mine is at the dry side of popularity. I have had good feedback about it, although the story on the label is about my path down the rosé track! It’s about the wine I say.

Winemaker: David Lowe.

Colour: Very much the Mediterranean style; salmon pink, light in colour.

Aroma: The deeper the colour the stronger the flavour, and converse for lighter coloured Rosé like this one. Aroma of rhubarb and caramel, but super soft and mild.

Palate: These styles don’t have the acidity of white wine, and are textured in the salty spectrum (to draw a long bow). This gives an indication where this wine works; wine with texture, more white than red, and with a flavour that is not acid backed nor sweet. No surprises that it is now the wonder drink.

Cellaring: Best to enjoy this wine now. Serve cold.