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2015 Lowe 'Nullo Mountain' Sauvignon Blanc


Product Description


There are three stages to the maturing of Mudgee as a winegrowing region since its inception in the 1850s.  These are relevant to the whole nation.  The region’s wine, beer and spirit’s beginnings stemmed from the large influx of gold miners from 1852 to 1864. This is similar to other regions including Rutherglen, Geelong and Bendigo. This also happened in California.

The second stage is the European winemaking influence from 1856 through to the 1900s. Other cultures spread out into the inland regions, and wine was their background. The third stage is homoclime. This is the investigation of new areas based on climate modelling with traditional European cool climate based wine regions as the reference. It was pioneered by Drs Richard Smart and Andrew Pirie from 1977.

Nullo Mountain is based on the latter and, at 1100 metres elevation, is regularly one of the four coldest vineyards in Australia.

Cold temperatures don’t guarantee good wine. Temperature is only one part of the equation.  The charm and the value of these adventurous mesoclimes is in the risk variation and diversity of the sites.  It provides great opportunity for experimentation and boundary pushing.

Lowe’s Nullo Mountain vineyard is part maritime (being approximately 100 kilometres from the eastern seaboard), sub alpine, virtue of its elevation, and part continental due to the mountains and inland influences. The deep, fertile soil is volcanic and, with the vineyard sitting next to the Wollemi National Park, agricultural diversity is assured.

The vineyard is under biodynamic conversion (BFA) and has been operated this way since 2012 with varieties (planted in 1998) including Riesling, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.  The label is a commissioned watercolour by Georgia Mansur of the view from the vineyard across the Great Dividing Range.

Tasting note:

Nutty aroma from barrel fermentation plus a further 3 months in French oak. Lychees and asparagus ever so subtle peaking through just to say it’s a savvy. Warm and strong flavour; needs to be served cold. Drink it with food like it was a Chardonnay but more floral.