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2015 Lowe 'Icon' Riesling


Product Description


Variety: 100% Riesling

Region: Nullo Mountain, Mudgee (1100m), NSW Central Highlands

The Nullo Mountain vineyard is a special place. The mountain holds some of NSW’s most spectacular landscapes; savage sandstone escarpments dropping hundreds of metres into the Cudgegong River and agricultural country below on the Rylstone and Mudgee side and dense eucalyptus forests following down to the Wollemi Wilderness and Hunter Valley to the east.

With an annual rainfall of 1 metre and deep soils derived from 17 million year old lava flows, is it a unique vinicultural area.

High elevation, lower alcohols and letting the terroir dominate is at the soul of my winemaking. I’m a fan of dry Riesling styles of the ‘70s, with the lower alcohol, fresh acidity and slow ageing potential. 

Tasting Note:

Our very best white wine released after three years’ bottle maturation.

We didn’t make one in 2014, so there has been a gap in the release programme. This is the first of the organic Rieslings, and we relied on Liam’s (our former winemaker) adventures in Germany to help us improve the style.

Technically we are building more texture and relying less on sugar to obscure or at least tame the acidity. (Tell us what you think).

There are lots of lime aromas and flavours; nice with shucked oysters (who doesn’t like oysters) or even calamari and white bait if you’re across the ditch. It’s all about the duality, fresh and appealing now but in 10 years’ time another wine all together.

The colour transforms to more green and yellow and the taste sweetens up but not with sugar just texture and flavour. I reckon these bottles claim 750 ml but we always put a bit more in so there is less chance of any air. This is good news.